Thursday, January 16, 2014

ATPE Awards, Grants and Scholarships

Dear ATPE Members,

Your leaders have set a goal to encourage every campus to either nominate or recruit someone else to nominate, at least one person or organization for an ATPE award, grant, scholarship, local award, region award, and/or state award.

Below is a brief explanation of each of these awards. Please look them over and determine how you will help ATPE recognize those deserving people and organizations.
You will find applications for these awards at and/or .
Please notice that each award has a deadline date and a person/location to receive it.
Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
Be watching for information on when the Irving ATPE Awards Banquet will be.

Thank you,
Robin Hurt

Please make sure to scroll to the bottom to nominate those deserving teachers, administrators and professionals you work with.

You can find forms on the Resource tab

Descriptions of ATPE Awards, Local, Region, and State

Ed Gonzalez Irving ATPE Scholarship 2013/14 Nomination for Teacher Scholarship – Up to $750

Ed Gonzalez Irving ATPE Scholarship 2013/14 Nomination for Associate Scholarship – Up to $750

Cardwell Enrichment Grant
The Cardwell Enrichment Grant will enable educators to enrich their teaching practices through inservice, workshops or classes.  Recipients of this grant will be honored at the September Irving ATPE meeting.  Each recipient will be expected to make a short (5 minute) presentation describing how this course, workshop or inservice will be implemented in their classroom/curriculum. 

Crystal Apple Award
The Crystal Apple Award program has been designed to recognize those in the community who make a difference in the education of students in the Irving ISD. A nominee must have given some time on a campus and made an effort to improve the well-being and educational foundation of Irving I.S.D. students. Business (Partners in Education … Other); Community (DAR … Heritage Society … Big Brother/Big Sister … League of Women Voters … Parents); Civic (Police … Fire … Etc.); Education (Teacher … PTA … IEA … ATPE … Retired Teachers)
ATPE Educator of the Year Awards The ATPE Educator of the Year Awards acknowledge those ATPE members who demonstrate exceptional or innovative capabilities in their respective education fields. The recipients will receive a check for $1,000 at the state level. The Educator of the Year Awards are divided into five categories: Administrator of the Year; Associate of the Year; Elementary Teacher of the Year; Secondary Teacher of the Year; Special Services Educator of the Year. These awards are given at the local, region, and state levels. Monetary awards vary at each level. 
Judy Coyle Memorial - part of the Irving Schools Foundation program. Each year we give four, $1000.00 scholarships to four IISD seniors who are going into education. (Students apply through ISF for these.)